The Bidvest Group

Bidvest Electrical

Stan Green
Chief executive

Bidvest Electrical is a leading distributor of a vast array of electrical, cable and allied products, solutions and services. Through one of South Africa's most extensive networks of electrical distribution outlets it comprehensively serves the wholesale, industrial, mining, contractor, construction, engineering and retail sectors.

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  • Atlas Group is a significant stockist and distributor of large mains, bells, communication and overhead cables. All products distributed adhere to Eskom specification and applicable to the specific regions in South Africa.

  • Cabmed, a division of Cabstrut, specialises in the installation and servicing of all medical gas outlets and machinery in wards, theatres, casualty and plant rooms; maintenance and installation of all medical gas manifolds and plant room machinery; laboratory gas installations and maintenance plus the supply and installation of hospital lighting and unique hospital bedhead units.

  • Cabstrut offers businesses and industry sophisticated solutions to cable reticulation and management through a comprehensive range of dedicated power distribution and cable support systems. Cabstrut carries a BM trading system certification.

  • Eagle Lighting was established in 1924 and has over the past 92 years been supplying lighting and lighting accessories all over South Africa and neighboring countries.

  • Electech Renewable Solutions specialises in the design, component supply and installation of energy and renewable solutions. Offering a wide range of solutions, Electech Renewable Solutions consults with customers and consultants on renewable electrical energy efficient projects with physical walk through and measurement to establish existing energy usage and simulation and sizing of renewable energy systems to reduce energy charges. All designs and installations are done using accredited installers with quality products adhering to international quality control standards and specifications. With new and unique technologies together with engineering design and technical support, Electech Renewable Solutions offers a unique and competitively priced solution.

  • Electech LSis is the representative agency of LS Industrial Systems in Southern Africa and is one of South Africa‚Äôs largest LV and MV switchgear and motor control suppliers. Caters to the industrial, commercial, para-statal and domestic markets and offers technical backup on all LS products. Electech LSis is ISO 9001 certified and, as such, is committed to the supply of consistently high quality electrical switchgear and solutions, complying with the best known international and local standards.

  • Invirotel caters for the growing need in smart energy management solutions and to pursue innovations in the green technology sector. Invirotel distributes smart electrical meters with specific skills in software development and management solutions to create a niche reporting and monitoring output, which allows customers to have full visibility and understanding of electrical consumption.

  • Electech Solutions offers specialist expertise and technical skills to the commercial and industrial sectors in order to provide customers with a holistic electrical solution. The division consists of Impact Power Innovations, LSis and Phambili Interface. By combining the specialised products of each of these divisions, Electech Solutions is able to deliver comprehensive electrical expertise and products that will enable customers to achieve efficient use of electrical energy covering all areas from industrial lighting to process automation and transportation, voltage or motor controls to quality interface products and power factor correction.

  • Quinton McGeer

    Impact Power Innovations who provide Elspec Power Quality Analysis and Solutions. This solution is perfect for industrial, commercial and utility industries as it monitors, reviews and corrects the efficiency and performance of distributed generation equipment that is impacted by power quality issues such as power factor, voltage drop and harmonics.

  • Lighting Structures (LS) designs and fabricates masts for special applications.

    To meet the growing demand for alternative lighting sources, Lighting Structures design and build solar panel support structures that can be used in conjunction with masts fitted with LED luminaires.

  • Founded in Mauritius in June 2009 as an electrical distribution company, Mubelo Electrical Ltd was acquired by the Voltex Group in 2016. Authorised distributor of a comprehensive range of international brands. The range of products carried by Mubelo Electrical Ltd is used extensively by panel builders, power producers, factories, building M&E engineers and machine builders for, inter alia, electrical projects in the building industry, manufacturing industries and power generation.

  • Phambili Interface is the exclusive distributor of Weidmuller connectivity and interface products in the areas of industrial automation, process automation and transportation. German engineered quality interface products include terminal blocks and accessories, heavy duty connectors, PCB connectors, right up to the innovative Push In type terminals.

  • Solid State Power has developed and manufactured a local range of innovative products to become a leading supplier to the private and public sectors in energy saving and alternative energy products and solutions. The wide range of products fall under different energy efficient categories, which can save up to 80% energy in the correct environment, such as its unique solar geysers, digital temperature controllers for geysers, air conditioning controllers, solar lighting units, Uninterrupted Power Systems (UPS) and a large range of LED light sources and fixtures.

  • Technilamp specialises in infrared and ultra-violet lamps and design, manufacture, install and maintain equipment and machinery employing these lamps. Technilamp are also the sole distributors of the Philips range of ultra-violet and infra-red lamps and carry the widest range of these special lamps in South Africa. Infrared lamps are used for heating, drying, curing, softening, ink processing, health and animal husbandry. Ultra-violet lamps are used for drying, curing, sterilisation, phototherapy, photochemistry, sun tanning, security, non-destructive testing and many medical applications.

  • Voltex Steel Processing manufactures an extensive range of Cabstrut products.

  • Versalec Cables is a sister company to Atlas Cables and is one of the leading cable distribution companies in South Africa. It supplies an extensive range of electrical cables to contractors and consulting engineers involved in low and high voltage electrical reticulation projects. It supplies a wide range of electrical cable from low voltage PVC insulated cables to 33kv PILC and XLPE cable as well as aluminium overhead conductors for various line applications. Versalec also supplies cable to electrical contractors involved in mining projects in Africa, outside the borders of South Africa.

  • Voltex is a leading stockist and reseller of a comprehensive range of electrical and lighting products, including national and international suppliers and their brands. The distribution division consists of strategically located outlets nationwide. It caters for infrastructural, commercial, industrial, residential developments and energy efficiency replacement/ retrofit markets. Voltex offers customers a vast array of products such as general industrial electrical products and components, lighting and sensor technology, switchgear and motor control, transmission and distribution products, wiring accessories, cable support systems, power tools, hand tools and testers.

  • Voltex Lighting is a lighting and energy solution provider specialising in the manufacture, marketing and distribution of commercial and industrial luminaires and energy saving devices. A registered ESCO with Eskom, Voltex Lighting also specialises in energy saving projects, audits and large lighting design projects. Voltex Lighting products and services are used for the commercial, industrial and retail lighting installations from small offices to large commercial sites.

  • Quinton McGeer

    Voltex MV/LV Solutions provides tailor-made manufacturing products and services, which are directly sold to the end user. Voltex MV/LV Solutions has a central focus in the production of LV/MV panels and switchgear, variable speed drives, motor control centres, distribution boards, mini-subs, standby generators and specialised assemblies. Voltex MV/LV Solutions is able to use specified components that meet consumer needs – flexible lead times, custom design by application, design for cost-efficient manufacturing, flexible delivery schedules and general business solution initiatives.

  • Voltex Smart Solutions (VSS) is a leading manufacturer of lighting poles and acrylic post top lighting fixtures. VSS has enabled Voltex to expand its lighting product range to better their overall solutions offering as a group. All products are specifically engineered and designed to be used in the infrastructural and residential development spheres. The company prides itself in offering a service that includes anything from unique designs to standard products manufactured specifically to customer requirements.

  • Waco Industries imports, exports and distributes a comprehensive range of industrial electrical products under agreements with many local and international brands, such as ABB, Philips and 3M. Products are grouped into five divisions: lighting, power products, general products, fixings and fasteners and energy efficiency. An association with Philips lighting division ensures Waco's status as a major supplier of light sources. Waco manufactures a wide range of industrial plugs and sockets, aviation warning beacons and small panels.

  • WACO-R is a specialist manufacturer and supplier to the retail market, providing electrical, commercial and residential products directly to the customer through its close relationship with numerous national retailers. WACO-R ensures that products delivered to our clients enhance their operational abilities. Lighting Structures is a leading supplier for high mast lighting in Africa. Its production facility is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

Cable and wire

  • Specialised cable
  • Project specific cable
  • Low to high voltage electrical cable
  • Overhead conductors
  • Service connections
  • Instrumentation cable
  • Large mains, bells, communication and overhead cable
  • General wires
  • Overhead line hardware and accessories
  • General lead wire and products

Transmission and distribution

  • ABC/Airdac fittings and accessories
  • Aluminium alloy/die-cast fittings and clamps
  • Cutouts and ABC fuse switches
  • Enclosures
  • House connections and insulators
  • Lugs, ferrules and tee connectors
  • Mini-subs
  • Overhead steel hardware
  • Pre-formed wire products
  • Surge arrestors
  • Transformers
  • Wooden creosote treated crossarms

General electrical products

  • Tools and accessories
  • Air conditioners
  • Extractor fans
  • Multiplugs and switches
  • Sockets
  • Door entry systems
  • Bells and chimes
  • Batteries, torches and time switches
  • Insulation tape
  • Heaters
  • Batteries

Tailor-made electrical solutions

  • Compact fluorescent lamps
  • Daylite switches
  • Floodlights, lamps and headlights
  • Key rings, lanterns and penlites
  • Rechargeable torches
  • Safe lights
  • Sensor security lights
  • Work lamps
  • Occupancy motion sensors
  • Rechargeable fluorescent lanterns
  • Solar geysers

Smart solutions

  • Smart energy products and solutions
  • Smart meters
  • Electricity vending
  • Smart meter management
  • Profiling
  • Portfolio management
  • Demand-side management
  • Savings and recoveries
  • Vending management
  • Billing management
  • Analysis and reporting

Lighting products

  • High pressure sodium lamps
  • LED A60/GLS replacement lamps
  • Floodlights
  • Headlights
  • Key rings
  • Lanterns
  • R50 lamps
  • Rechargeable torches
  • Sensor security lights
  • Mercury blended lamps
  • Mercury vapour lamps
  • Metal halide lamps

Chief executive: Stanley Green
Financial director: Eric Immermann
Commercial director: Bongi Thwala
Tel: +27 (11) 879 2000

Contact address:
Block B, St.Anfrews Office Park,
39 Wordsworth Avenue,