The Bidvest Group

About LPG and the Mounded LPG Facility

Mounded LPG Facility fast facts

  • The facility will comprise four 5 650 tonne tanks
  • Combined LPG storage capacity: 22 600 tonnes
  • Each tank is 60 m long and 16 m in diameter
  • Each tank will have an internal volume of 10 712 m3
  • The tanks will be the largest LPG-storage tanks in the world

LPG usage fast facts

  • Current LPG usage in South Africa: 400 000 tonnes per annum
  • Expected supply from new facility: 200 000 tonnes per annum
  • Increase in current supply as a result of new facility: 50%
  • South Africa’s global ranking in terms of LPG use (2012): 61st
  • Bidvest is committed to the infrastructural development of South Africa and is investing over R1 billion into the Mounded LPG Facility.
  • The storage facility will remove the biggest obstacle to the increased, secure supply of LPG to South Africans.
  • An increased supply will result in LPG becoming a significant alternative to South Africa’s current energy supply, with no additional infrastructure required.
  • An end-to-end LPG supply requires a vast national value chain, which will expand significantly as a consequence of this facility being commissioned.
  • Expanding the supply will result in job creation across the value chain and potential cost savings to South African (mainly rural) consumers and businesses.
  • LPG is the convenient, safe, healthier alternative to existing sources of supply.
  • LPG has been identified by the World Bank as the most environmentally friendly of all fossil fuels.
  • The increased use of LPG will ameliorate the significant health impact of homes burning wood and paraffin for heat and cooking.

  1. LPG is produced as a byproduct of the oil-refining process
  2. Petredec transports LPG from the US and Middle East
  3. Petredec vessels offload LPG in Richards Bay
  4. Rail and road tankers are filled with LPG 24/7/365
  5. LPG is transported across southern Africa
  6. Consumers benefit from a cost-effective, reliable, safe energy source