The Bidvest Group

Divisional Overview

Bidvest is a leading business-to-business services, trading and distribution group, operating through six divisions:

Services, Freight, Branded Products, Commercial Products, Financial Services and Automotive. The Group owns a significant and strategic property portfolio largely occupied by Bidvest. Bidvest has a 53.6% stake in Adcock Ingram (Adcock). Effective May 2020, Bidvest executed its biggest transaction ever when it acquired PHS, a leading hygiene service provider in the UK, Ireland and Spain. On an annualised basis, this trebles the Group's offshore exposure.

Bidvest generates 65% of trading profit from services and 35% from trading and distribution activities

Bidvest services 300 000 customers through 550 facilities

Group B-BBEE level 3 with more than 50% of individual businesses at level 1 and 2

Trading profit Divisional contribution

Divisional contribution


R22 091m
(2019: R20 648m)


 Trading profit
 R2 134m
 (2019: R2 201m)

Operating across multiple sectors, Services' comprehensive and diverse range of soft and hard service capabilities creates a unique platform for customised client solutions. Operations span SA, UK, Ireland and Spain.

Incorporating, amongst others:

Steiner, Prestige, Protea Coin, Aquazania, ExecuFlora, Rennies Travel, Bidvest Lounges, Bidair Cargo, First Garment Rental, Boston Laundries, Noonan, PHS


Branded Products

R17 327m
(2019: R11 858m)


 Trading profit
 R1 404m
 (2019: R941m)

Leading distributor, supplier and manufacturer of a comprehensive suite of office products and services, branded household, pharmaceutical products as well as a provider of outsourced customer communication services.

Incorporating, amongst others:

Waltons, Konica Minolta, Cecil Nurse, Silveray, Kolok, Lithotech, Bidvest Data, Home of Living Brands, Masterpack, Adcock Ingram



R6 308m
(2019: R6 698m)


 Trading profit
 R1 161m
 (2019: R1 386m)

Leading private sector freight management group in sub-Saharan Africa, drawing on more than 150 years of portside experience. Facilitates the storage, handling and movement of cargo through its independent terminal operations, international clearing and forwarding, logistics and marine services.

Incorporating, amongst others:

Bidvest Tank Terminals, SABT, Bulk Connections, Bidvest International Logistics, Manica, Bidvest SACD, Bidvest Port Operations


Commercial Products

R11 943m
(2019: R12 851m)


 Trading profit
 (2019: R736m)

Manufacturing, distribution and trading businesses, representing multiple leading consumer and industrial day-to-day branded products.

Incorporating, amongst others:

Matus, Renttech, Vulcan, Plumblink, G Fox, Berzacks, Buffalo Tape, Yamaha, Academy Brushware, Voltex, Versalec, Cabstrut, Technilamp, MVLV


Financial Services

R2 650m
(2019: R2 701m)


 Trading profit
 (2019: R585m)

Specialsed fleet management and foreign exchange services, insurance and other financial services for the corporate and business markets. Bidvest Bank is a leading second tier bank.

Incorporating, amongst others:

Bidvest Bank, Compendium, FMI, Bidvest Wealth and Employee Benefits, Bidvest Insurance, Master Currency



R18 263m
(2019: R22 848m)


 Trading profit
 (2019: R532m)

One of South Africa's largest motor retailers, with a trading history going back more than 100 years. It retails vehicles through a national footprint as well as vehicle auctioneering.

Incorporating, amongst others:

Bidvest McCarthy, Burchmores