The Bidvest Group

Sustainability Overview


Gillian McMahon, transformation director, “Bidvest continues to position and drive transformation as a commercial imperative and as one of the biggest determinants for our growth, prosperity and continuity in South Africa.”

As a committed corporate citizen and one of the largest employers in South Africa, we continue to support and empower the individuals, businesses and communities we serve. We acknowledge that transformation is key to long-term growth and sustainability and while scorecards and good B-BBEE ratings play a vital role in accessing opportunities it remains only a benchmark and measurement for change that happens beyond the tick-box framework.

Gillian McMahon
Executive director

Gillian McMahon

Caring for the Bidvest family
Bidvest family

We aim to provide a safe and healthy workplace with equal opportunities conducive to learning and personal development. We want our employees to be proud Bidvest ambassadors.

Employees (%)

  • Growth enables us to
    create employment

    Total spend on
    skills development
    amounted to

  • Bid family icon 2

    fatalities and

    security guards
    killed in line of duty
    in 2018

  • We are also able to
    cultivate the new
    generation of future
    Bidvest employees
    through the awarding of

    7 485

  • Bid family icon 3

    4 503
    learnerships were
    issued to unemployed
    learners and

    were employed


Drive positive social change
Positive social change

We are involved in community development that enhances education, health, economic inclusion and diversity. Investing in communities and human capital, affords us the opportunity to operate, do business in and draw skills from the communities in which we operate.

  • Social icon

    Total socio-economic
    spend of


    with 49% going towards

  • Empower local business
    through outsourcing
    key services
    to local

  • Social icon

    spend on sports


Doing business in an environmentally friendly manner
Environmentally friendly

We focus on energy and water efficiency, responsible waste management and offering innovative solutions to aid customer sustainability. In FY19 we will continue our initiatives to improve water use; accelerate renewable energy installations and responsible waste management.

  • Our business growth has
    not increased our
    environmental impact

  • Environmental icon

    We emitted low carbon
    emissions. Scope 1
    emissions reduced by

  • Environmental icon 2

    We used

    2 095

    mega-litres of water,
    13% less than last year

  • We recycled

    6 500 tonnes

    of hazardous waste and
    treated more than

    400 000 kl

    of wastewater